Vision and approach
Yoka Sara is an architect of great versatility. He is in command not only of the styles and materials of his native Bali but also a dazzlingly innovative modern design vocabulary that flourishes with every new project.

The great diversity of Yoka Sara's designs comes from his principle of finding the uniqueness of each project — by immersion in the landscape of the site to discover its natural energies, and by engaging deeply with the client — to establish the character that gives each project its particular feel.

  Once the client's specifications and the constraints of the land are determined, there is a space in the process for flight of the imagination — the inspiration known in Balinese as taksu. According to Yoka Sara, this must be unrestrained. He believes that, properly conceived, there will be "a strong thread" that unifies the interaction of spaces with the surroundings through conceptual clarity.

Yoka Sara's primary concern is with balance. This takes place not only in the external elements of the site and client, but also in his conceptual approach, which engages the entire human being using feeling, mind, imagination, and teamwork.

  This approach engenders spaces that communicate with each other and with the surrounding land of the site. It gives rise to a conversation of materials that is appropriate to the built form, its function, and its environment. Throughout the structures, there is a flow of continuously refreshed spiritual orientation so that each space is alive in itself.